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To produce consistent, quality carcase performing cattle.
To get calves on the ground without any problems.
To produce cattle that will thrive in all conditions and that could suit any market.
Our cattle have to be quiet as my parents and our children all work with the cattle. They have to perform on a stud, and most importantly, on a commercial level. Our females have to produce a calf every year, calving at 2 years until at least 10 years old. They have to have a good temperament, good milk, feet, growth, structure, ease of calving and doing ability. They have to be hardy enough to cope through our long cold winters and through droughts. We have found that the Speckle Parks have all these attributes. We are so impressed with the breed.
Steers at 17 months old


Alinjarra Speckle Park is a family owned Speckle Park Stud located at Hernani in Northern NSW, where the farm has been in the family for nearly 100 years. We are relatively new to the Speckle Park Breed but have been breeding cattle for a long time. Our Speckle Park journey began when our 2 sons wanted to have a separate breed of their own so they could tell their cattle apart from our Angus herd. They bought some Speckle Park semen and when those first calves were born we have not looked back.
We have since joined all our Angus cows to Speckle Park bulls and have seen fantastic results. Our steers reaching 600 kg at 19 months old grass fed, our calves averaging 250kg at less than 6 months of age. After a lot of research, we have invested in Speckle Park embryos to create the Stud cattle we need to produce the standards we are looking for. Cattle that will fit into any Stud or Commercial herd, that will not only be able to handle any conditions but will outperform their contemporaries.